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About Comptrol Systems:

Comptrol Systems, CSI, was founded in 1980 to provide automated Accounting Systems to the Oil and Gas and Banking industries. In 1987 the company was awarded the contract to write an automated ticketing system (Ticket Express) for a premier Colorado ski resort. Two years were spent perfecting the flow and logic of the system before CSI began marketing Ticket Express to ski resorts across North America in 1989. The Ticket Express family of software runs on a wide range of venues of all sizes, from a single selling window to as many as fifty selling windows.

Comptrol Systems (CSI) offers a full suite of software solutions for ski resort operators who want to improve operating efficiency, increase customer service levels and implement financial controls when:

Over the past thirty-five years, a full suite of software products have been developed to make life simpler for our clients located throughout North America.  We continually improve our existing products and add new features based on the real life requirements of our clients who frequently operate in challenging or difficult environments.  Our products have proven operational reliability while meeting the information and control requirements of management.

CSI distinguishes itself by

1. Listening to our customers

Whether it’s through our annual Users Conference, discussions with technical staff or feedback from management, we listen carefully to understand and identify your business and system needs.  Based on direct customer feedback, annual system enhancements are developed to address changing requirements.

2. Providing outstanding customer support

Many of our clients face staff training and IT support challenges due to limited IT resources and regular staff turnover.  In addition to the initial training provided during software installation, ongoing support is provided whenever our clients require it.  A solid reputation for providing quick response to our clients’ support needs has been established over the past 35 years.

3. Introducing innovative new products

Changing business needs require new solutions.  Based on client feedback and our understanding of new technologies, CSI is continually introducing new state of the art products including:


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