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Group Express - Wholesale Ticketing    

The Group Express module has been developed for companies that frequently fill orders from Tour Wholesalers, Travel Agents or Corporate clients. It effortlessly allows you to handle large ticket orders and process voucher forms of payment. Through Group Express, your group clients are handled professionally and efficiently while simplifying your accounts receivable process.

Key Features and Benefits of Group Express

Group Express is a full Accounts Receivable system. An individual A/R is created for every customer. Improved cash flow management, simplified billing and the ability to manage wholesaler sales opportunities are just a few benefits.

Each customer can be assigned a default commission percentage which can be manually overridden for special discounts. Commission management for individual customers can be based on the business generated from the revenue reports by customer.

Up to 10,000 products can be created for your wholesale customers allowing you to offer product packages to increase your group business

System and procedure security is user definable with up to 100 levels of Passwords. Passwords and employee log-ins allow tracking of sales by seller to aid in balancing, auditing and employee breakage issues.

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