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Pass Express - Season Pass Management    

Customers who buy season passes or memberships are critical to the cash flow of your operation. They also represent the best and most loyal group of customers with whom to establish a long-term relationship.

It is important to ensure your renewal process is convenient, fast and responsive. Pass Express is the right solution if you issue ski resort or amusement park season passes, recreation facility memberships, club memberships, employee identification cards or discount program cards. Pass Express offers the following advantages:

Pass Express captures critical customer data that can be used for management decision making and marketing campaigns. Combining the advantages of Pass Express with the customer tracking capability of Lift and Tracker Express gives you the ability to retrieve and use customer data to create new products, manage yield, conduct e-mail marketing campaigns and better identify your best customers.

Key Features and Benefits of Pass Express

Pass Express is a full Accounts Receivable system allowing payment plans monitored with aged trial balances. Detailed financial reports are available on demand for all or select or individual customers. Your customers are classified as Purchasers or Passholders allowing targeted mail or e-mail marketing.

Customer photos are stored for future reuse making next year's pass production a snap. Customer service levels will soar with the ability to renew passes on line enabling the customer to avoid line-ups completely.

Up to 10,000 pass products can be created with the ability to add an additional 1,000 related products such as lockers. Locker sales come with full locker inventory capabilities allowing you to set them up by location, size, price, etc.

Pass Express produces either bar coded or radio frequency encoded passes to work with scanning at the lift or gated access. Yield management programs can be based on actual usage.

Pass Express works with other common management tools to manipulate your customer data and create direct mail programs.

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