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Rental Express - Rental Shop Management    

If you manage an equipment rental shop, Rental Express provides the system solution for you. Centralized rental allows customers to seamlessly flow from sign in to tech station and on to the point of sale or to start at the point of sale then proceed to sign in on to the tech station. It supports both pay first and pay last scenarios. Rental Express is ideal for ski and snowboard shops.

Customer sign in is quick and easy and supports reservations and pre-entering customers for group sales. The technician bench facilitates simple and fast rentals, returns exchanges and inventory transactions. You can quickly check equipment availability and contract status.

Key Features and Benefits of Rental Express

The system will generate a contract with liability waiver to eliminate multi-part contracts. Scanners are used to capture information electronically to eliminate keying errors. Reduced form costs, more professional presentation and faster transaction processing are all key benefits.

Customer information is retained for future rentals speeding up the experience for your returning renters. Customer data can be used for e-mail or direct marketing campaigns.

Maximum inventory control is realized allowing you to up sell customers based on available inventory. When equipment is transferred out for maintenance it is removed from inventory until it is transferred back in. Advance reservations are made possible through an automated system.

Total integration with Ticket Express allows the purchase of lift tickets through one system. Bundling products like lessons and tickets is as easy as clicking a mouse.

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