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Retail Express - Retail Shop Management    

Retail Express streamlines all of your inventory management and back-office tasks while allowing you to train a cashier on basic operations in minutes. You can centralize merchandising across stores and leverage technologies to better manage your processes. Retail Express has customizable speed buttons, quick item lookups and on-line inventory history to allow you to effectively track your operation. Current and historical costs (including COGS), values and profit margins are right at your fingertips. Drill down from your customer management screen and instantly see all purchase transactions. Centrally manage campaigns, pricing special offers and sales to target key inventory and demand.

Numerous on line credit card processing options are available. Choose the right merchant processor for your banking needs.

Key Features and Benefits of Retail Express

Retail Express' quick simple POS interface allows you to focus on your customers while tightening your cash controls.

Know what's profitable now and in the past with the real time COGS reporting.

Advanced pricing options allows quantity price breaks, pricing by location, sales and special offers and seller restricted pricing.

Total integration with Ticket Express allows the customer to buy admission or lift tickets through one system.

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