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Ticket Express - POS Automated Ticketing    

The core system for any ski resort, amusement or theme park, recreational facility, zoo, museum, or related tourist attraction is the ticketing or admission system. For many of your customers, this is the first encounter they have with your business. To ensure this is a positive experience, your ticketing system needs to

With over 1000 selling locations that have issued millions of tickets, Ticket Express has a proven track record for reliability, speed and improved customer service. Combined with a financial reporting package that provides the financial information you need to run your business, Ticket Express is THE ticketing solution.

The newest feature of Ticket Express is the e-Ticketing module. This optional module provides you the capability to sell tickets through your web site at the click of a mouse. It is simple to integrate and is tied directly to your Ticket Express database.

Key Features and Benefits of Ticket Express

Up to 10,000 products can be defined by the user with complete pricing, discounting and comp ticket issuing capability. This flexibility allows you to develop your product or pricing programs to meet your needs.

Ticket Express can operate on a stand alone or a networked basis. Adding new selling stations as your business changes is easy and affordable for any size operation.

Transaction time is quick and professional to reduce customer waiting time no matter what payment type is chosen including credit card processing.

System and procedure security is user definable with up to 100 levels of Passwords. Passwords and employee log-ins allow tracking of sales by seller to aid in balancing, auditing and employee breakage issues.

Ticket Express is the easiest to implement of all full capability POS systems. Each selling window operates on a standard PC. Software installation can be user implemented or company provided. Training is fast for new employees aided by a context sensitive F1 help key that displays the full manual.

Complete management reporting is provided via detailed accounting reports at a click of a button and can be modified with built in filters and time frames.

Ticket Express is an integrated part of the other CSI products including Pass Express and Rez Express allowing common cashbox accounting at a selling window offering multiple product types such as ski school lessons or season passes. Bar coding and radio frequency tag encoding are built into all of the modules.

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