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Rez Express - Lesson Reservation

& Instructor Scheduling    

Rez Express is a reservation system for booking lessons that is integrated with instructor scheduling capabilities to provide customers with superior service and convenience. It offers the features which will ensure customer needs are matched with the right instructor. It provides maximum scheduling flexibility and will even handle instructor payroll through one system. As it is fully integrated with Ticket Express, you can sell tickets or other products through Rez Express.

Customer data from Rez Express is readily available. This allows for customer segmentation and new e-marketing programs based on customer purchase behavior.

Key Features and Benefits of Rez Express

Instructors can be automatically assigned based on criteria established by the supervisor which results in a fair assignment system. Manual scheduling is also possible to allow the utmost flexibility to handle special situations.

Rez Express accommodates private or group reservations and easily arranges multi-day lessons.

Point and click operation guarantees minimal training and fast customer processing.

Complete revenue, capacity and instructor utilization reporting for management is provided. Individual performance is easy to track.

Up to 10,000 products can be sold. The link to Ticket Express allows day tickets to be sold from within the reservation system.

Up to 100 security levels can be established by the supervisor to maintain data integrity of sensitive customer or payroll information.

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